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Furnace Maintenance Services on Staten Island

Local Furnace & Boiler Maintenance Experts

Nobody wants their home's heating system to fail, especially in the middle of a cold winter night. No matter the age of your heating equipment, professionals everywhere agree that a furnace maintenance plan is an essential part of enjoying many years of dependable service. Homeowners often run into trouble when they neglect regular maintenance, as the practice can greatly shorten the life span of their furnace equipment.

Since 1987, the dedicated professionals at Gregg Mechanical have helped thousands of customers on Staten Island with all of their HVAC and maintenance service needs. For over three decades, our heating system maintenance programs have played a vital role in keeping our customers furnace system running strong all season long.

Home Heating Services

We are proud to offer our customers the following additional heating services.

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Heating Repair

We are expertly equipped to diagnose and fix all major heating systems, all backed by our 12 month Done Right Guarantee* to give you peace of mind during those cold winter months.
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Furnace Replacement

All furnaces will eventually break down and need replacement. When the time comes to replace your outdated or inefficient heating system, our team has the expertise to provide you with a quality installation that fits your needs.
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Boiler Services

Gregg Mechanical are your local experts for all your boiler service needs, including repair, replacement, and maintenance. We have quality solutions for all types of gas boilers.
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Furnace Maintenance Services

The expert team at Gregg Mechanical is here to help you with all your furnace maintenance needs. Our services include all of the folliowing:

  • Inspect & Adjust Pilot Light Assembly – The heating unit's ignition system is one of its most important components, as without it nothing else will function. A clogged pilot light or broken ignition source can cause the entire system to shut down. We will adjust and clean the furnace's pilot light/ignition system to ensure optimal performance.
  • Heat Exchanger Inspection – The heat exchanger produces the actual warm air that travels throughout the house. If this critical part is damaged or broken, it can be a significant safety hazard. We will carefully inspect the heat exchanger to confirm that no harmful fumes are escaping into any areas of the home.
  • Clean/Replace Filters – Proper airflow is very important to a furnace being able to perform as it should. A clogged or blocked filter can cause significant and premature wear to motors and fans. Our team will carefully inspect all filters and replace if necessary.
  • Flue Pipe Inspection – The flue pipe plays a very important role in making sure that all exhaust gases from the heating system exit the home properly. We will inspect the flue pipe to ensure that it is clean and free of clogs. Preventing a blockage in the flue pipe is a critical element in maintaining safety.
  • Lubrication – Motors, fans and other moving parts sometimes require regular lubrication. Neglecting this basic maintenance procedure can severely limit the life span of certain parts in the furnace. Our highly skilled technicians will inspect and lubricate all parts as needed.

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Annual Furnace Maintenance By Professionals

For over 30 years, we have been providing our customers with the best HVAC and maintenance services in Staten Island. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and our technicians are clean, prompt and courteous. Nobody wants to experience a furnace breakdown during the cold days of winter. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay warm and cozy all season long with our professional furnace maintenance programs. Our customers tell us that our company slogan says it best!

“Service You Can Depend On… A Name You Can Trust”

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