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AC Maintenance: Preparing for The Summer Season

AC Maintenance: Preparing for The Summer Season

July 17, 2019

Temperatures outside can change from cool to hot in the blink of an eye, especially during the month of May as the seasons transition from spring to summer. In the matter of one week, you can go from needing the heat to stay warm in the house, to needing the air condition to stay cool. We turn on the air conditioner, expecting it to work on demand, but it’s helpful to do a pre-summer maintenance check before the hot weather arrives to make sure your unit is working properly. Included below are a few steps every homeowner should complete to prepare for the summer season and also included is a list of items in the air conditioner unit that should be checked by a heating and cooling professional.

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Before you start your air conditioner, make sure to take the cover off! Countless homeowners forget this step and quickly suffer the consequences. Without proper air flow, the air conditioner’s components will overheat and burn out. To prevent this mistake, many heating and cooling professionals recommend turning off the outside power switch near the condenser when you cover the unit in the winter. That way, once the weather gets hot and you need to run the AC, you will be reminded to remove the cover when you go outside to switch on the power on.

Winter can be rough on outdoor equipment and dirt is the enemy to many components of the air conditioner unit. Dust, mud and debris from plants can reduce your AC’s performance. Start by cutting down the grass and clearing away any plant materials blocking the unit, then disconnect the power and spray down the exterior of the unit with a garden hose. Once the unit dries, use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining debris from the outside of the unit.

After those important steps are checked off the list, you can turn on the unit. Once your air conditioning is running, you should feel the temperature and humidity in the house quickly become more comfortable. If the house feels warm or you believe something is wrong with the unit, turn it off immediately. Allowing the air conditioner to run while it’s not functioning properly can cause considerable damage.

AC Maintenance Services

A pre-summer air conditioner maintenance checklist should also include an inspection of the following items to help it run more efficiently:

  1. Air Filter
  2. Drain Pan
  3. Freon
  4. Condenser Coil
  5. Compressor
  6. Blower
  7. Bearings

Replacing the air filter is required maintenance for every homeowner. Checking the drain pan is also an easy step any homeowner can complete, but checking the freon, and inspecting or cleaning the condenser coil, compressor, blower, and bearings should be left to the professionals. Waiting until the hot weather hits to schedule an appointment for maintenance can mean long wait times and many complaints from your family.

Avoid unnecessary stress by buying a repair plan from WorryFree Long Island that will save you time and money. Easy online appointment scheduling allows you to book your air conditioning maintenance appointment quickly so you can get your AC unit serviced before the weather warms up. Stay cool and don’t let summer heat surprise you this year!


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